the jam

Setting Sons


'Setting Sons' is the fourth studio album by British band The Jam. The group's critical and commercial favour begun with their third album, 'All Mod Cons', continued through this album.

  • 1. Girl on the Phone
    2. Thick As Thieves
    3. Private Hell
    4. Little Boy Soldiers
    5. Wasteland
    6. Burning Sky
    7. Smithers-Jones" (Bruce Foxton)
    8. Saturday's Kids
    9. The Eton Rifles
    10. Heat Wave (Holland-Dozier-Holland)
    11. Strange Town
    12. When You're Young
    13. Smithers-Jones (single version) (Bruce Foxton)
    14. See-Saw
    15. Going Underground
    16. The Dreams of Children
    17. So Sad About Us (Pete Townshend)
    18. Hey Mister
    19. Start