paul weller

Paul Weller


'Paul Weller' is the eponymous debut solo album from the former leader of The Jam and The Style Council, released in 1992.

  • 1. Uh Huh Oh Yeh
    2. I Didn't Mean to Hurt You
    3. Bull-Rush
    4. Round and Round
    5. Remember How We Started
    6. Above the Clouds
    7. Clues
    8. Into Tomorrow
    9. Amongst Butterflies
    10. The Strange Museum
    11. Bitterness Rising
    12. Kosmos

    Deluxe Edition Only

    13. Here's A New Thing (b-side)
    14. That Spiritual Feeling (b-side)
    15. Into Tomorrow (demo) (b-side)
    16. Arrival Time (b-side)
    17. Fly On The Wall (b-side)
    18. Always There To Fool You (b-side)
    19. Everything Has A Price To Pay (b-side)
    20. All Year Round (b-side)
    21. Feelin' Alright (b-side)
    22. 'Hot Rod' (demo)
    23. Round and Round (alternative version)
    24. Remember How We Started (demo)
    25. Clues (demo)
    26. Into Tomorrow (acoustic version)
    27. Butterflies (acoustic version)
    28. Bitterness Rising (original version)
    29. Kosmos (demo)
    30. New Thing (alternative version)
    31. Fly On The Wall (b-side)
    32. The Bitter Truth (b-side)
    33. Amongst Butterflies (demo)
    34. Abraham, Martin & John (acoustic version)
    35. Kosmos ('Lynch Mob beats' version)