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27 Feb

Weller Announces Clothing Collection: Real Stars Are Rare

Paul is proud to announce the arrival of his new clothing label: REAL STARS ARE RARE.

Designed by Paul in a collaboration with Phil Bickley, owner of Tonic, a menswear store in West London, the Autumn/ Winter 2014 launch collection will be available to buy in selected stores and online from late Summer 2014.

There's no 'considered demographic'. REAL STARS ARE RARE is for men of all ages. The collection works together, crossing over between formalwear and sharp casuals.

Speaking about the project Paul said: “Through music and clothes I was able to peek at new worlds and ways of thinking, imagining, new prospects and possibilities... Clothes and music, music and clothes, for me they go hand-in-hand. They've helped shape who I am.”

“The name comes from a line I heard somewhere: 'REAL STARS ARE RARE... they only come out at night.' Make of that what you will but I like it and there's a lot of truth in it!”

Check out the website at and sign up for regular updates and news.

Follow REAL STARS ARE RARE on Instagram and Twitter to stay in the know and get some behind the scenes pix. We hope you like it. This is just the start, we'll be adding to the collection and Spring /Summer 2015 is already being planned.


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