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25/03/12 bishwop wrote: Paul at the Round House on Thursday night was just amazing. I hope he keeps going long enough so I can take my 4 year old son to a concert. I'm 48 now live in hope that I'll be able to take him and my two daughters who also love him one day. Keep going Paul, there's no one out there to compete with you. Your music is unique. Its the real meaning of 'cool'. Die hard fan.
24/11/10 mod4ever wrote: mr weller is coolest man on the planet cant wait to see him 2nite:)
15/07/08 siane wrote: My fave pic/ screensaver- loving Mr Weller's hair too
27/05/08 maxifeet wrote: Nice jacket,any comments what type it is ?
26/05/08 salsajoe wrote: This was a truly amazing night - Paul was at his best.

And I am proud to say I was about 6ft in front of him! One of most memorable nights of my life!

You are fantastic Paul!